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Hebrew-English translation & English copyediting • תרגום עברית–אנגלית ועריכה אנגלית

Translation & copyediting rates (Hebrew/English)
(as of May 22, 2015)
Work Document type Description Rate__ Unit
Translations Long documents articles, papers, short stories, books* 85 USD$ per thousand words in English
Short documents (<300 wds) 50 USD $ first document
40 USD $ second document onwards
Translation certification** (Short documents only) 50 USD $ per page
Editing Any document 10–70 USD $ per thousand words in original (depending on amount of editing required)
Tables Any document 1 Cdn$ per table cell
* Payment of milestone payments within a week of invoice means that book translations can be completed at 10% discount – see below

  • In view of recent sharp declines of the Canadian dollar (CAD) in relation to the USD (and the NIS), rates are now stated in USD until further notice.
  • For clients in Canada, rates are exclusive of GST at 5%.
  • Rush jobs: pay full amount up front (per Estimate), balance (if applicable) immediately on completion. Rush charge: on sliding scale, as follows:
    • 1 day: 50% extra
    • 2 days: 40% extra
    • 3 days: 30% extra
    • 4 days: 20% extra
    • 5 days to week: 10% extra
  • Estimates provided on request.
  • Payment: on completion of work, by credit card online, or by cheque drawn on Canadian bank branch, payable to Orr-Stav Communications
  • Late payments: $2 Cdn will be added to the usual 1000-words translation rate on the next job for each week after a month of non-payment after the Invoice Date;
  • Large jobs: down payment for first 10,000 words, "milestone" payment for each 10,000 words thereafter.
  • Discounts: A percentage of the current invoice is deducted from the invoice of the next job if paid promptly, on a sliding scale, as follows:

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Voiceover rates (Hebrew/English)
as of Sept 1, 2012